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Rent or Sell: 4 Things You Should Know Before Renting Your Condo

The current 2015 condo market in DC is up, and being driven by lifestyle choice and affordability. Buyers and renters on the market are embracing condominiums for their lower maintenance requirements and their accessible locations, which are within easy walking distance to restaurants, shops, public transportation and the nightlife. Having such a great condo …

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Additional Fees – Something Both Tenants and Landlords Can Agree To Hate

It may seem like landlords love charging additional fees to tenants, but the truth is, additional fees are a headache for tenant and landlord alike. While it may seem in the landlord’s best interest to take as many additional fees as possible, such as late fees, sublet fees, or pet fees, the truth is …

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Turning Your Home Into a Legal Rental Property? Consider All This First!

You wake up one morning, and it strikes you. The bills are piling up. Or, if you only had a bit more disposable income, you could better enjoy life and live your dreams. Bottom line: You need more cash. Then snap! What about turning your home into an income-producing rental unit? Or, buying an …

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Six Tips for Successfully Renting (and Living) in a Group House

  Each month Washington is teeming with new residents looking to live and work in the nation’s capitol. Many come to the city with high hopes to change the world but without the income or budget to match their aspirations. A lot of you, along with your friends and co-workers, join together to find …

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