About Magdieli Property Management

Amitweb Amit Magdieli is the founder of Magdieli Property Management and licensed real estate agent. Amit started Magdieli Property Management over 15 years ago in Washington, DC.
Amit’s professional proficiency for managing properties comes out of his burgeoning love for construction and housing projects and desire to be the landlord he always wanted (but never got) from his landlords as a young group house tenant when he first moved to Washington in 1999. This led him to specialize in converting DC row houses into multi-unit and group rental properties in the Washington, DC market. For Amit, there is something very satisfying about a tangible result of envisioning the design, aesthetics and functional skills needed to convert or renovate a property.

In Amit’s free time, he can be found touring Washington, D.C., awe-inspired by the energy and beauty of the city with its diverse neighborhoods, old character-filled row houses, impressive monuments and historical buildings. He also enjoys spending time family and friends, often skiing, scuba diving or biking. Amit also serves as the legislative chair of the DC chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

A New Jersey native Amit received his MBA in Management and Finance from the Johns Hopkins University and his BA in Economics and Political Science from Emory University.


Nick Pisano is director of operations for Magdieli Property Management. Nick joined MPM in early 2019, after more than a decade living and working in DC. As director of operations, Nick wears many hats, with responsibilities ranging from supervising the leasing process, to working with tenants, to managing and coordinating with contractors and others.

Nick was drawn to real estate and property management because of his own experiences in DC’s rental housing scene, and a passion to use his creativity to help others find the perfect home for them.

Nick is a New Jersey native and graduate of American University, with degrees in journalism and finance. When he’s not working, he can often be found in the kitchen, indulging his passion for cooking, baking, and homebrewing, traveling the United States (particularly out west!), or exploring new neighborhoods of DC.